Enterprise Data Manager


EDM (Enterprise Data Manager) is a program that allows you to manage common information between multiple locations built for the multi-shop operator. EDM allows you to manage common shop data lists data like employee, insurance, vendor & rental company lists across multiple locations. Easily manage your job rates, business rules, Summit system users for all locations!

EDM is developed for multi-shop operators with a single server setup ONLY. This application will not be beneficial to multi-shop operators with dedicated servers at each location. If you would like more information on the type of server setups available for SummitCRS please contact SummitCRS support at 1-800-789-9112 or 208-947-1738.

Below is all PDF documentation on EDM for Summit 8 users, if you require additional assistance please contact SummitCRS support at 1-800-789-9112 or 208-947-1738

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Frequently Asked Questions

The EDM application is connected to your Summit server and will update changes made as soon as they are made in EDM.
EDM only edits existing data or shares data from one database to another. In order to add any of these items you will still need to do so via the administration module of Summit. Once it exists in a database, we can then push it to all locations using EDM.
Simply find the vendor, insurance company, rental, etc. in the appropriate list. Once located, simply check the box for each location you would like to send the list item to or uncheck that box to remove it from the location.
Editing your exisitng data is very easy, either double click the result you wish to edit or right click and select edit from the drop-down options.
If you do not possess this information, it can be located by opening Summit to the login screen and clicking on the blue Location: link below the username field.
Much like many of the SummitCRS product family, you can run EDM from outside your shop network. You would need to set up EDM to use the external IP address for your Summit Server. This includes any necessary port forwarding or firewall settings for port 3306 to the server for outside traffic.

Once EDM is configured the application should automatically connect to all SummitCRS databases located on the server, if it does not then hit the connect button to connect. If you are still unable to get EDM to load the next step is to verify our server IP to ensure it has not changed since the last time we configured EDM.

This error is indicitive of a few different things. First, you will want to check your server IP and port as they are set up in the login screen. Verifiy your IP & Port by clicking on the location link on the login screen of any functioning SummitCRS client software. Should the error still persist next would be to make sure the paint scale machine is on the same network as the rest of the shop and has necessary permissions to access the server.

EDM is available by request through SummitCRS Support. Contact Summit Support to see if your server set up is ideal for the MSO application EDM.