The industry’s first and only pivot table based reporting engine. With KPINet you can sort, count, and total almost any data available in Summit. You can create your choice of literally millions of report options.

Below is all PDF documentation on KPINet for Summit 8 users. If you require additional assistance please contact SummitCRS support at 1-800-789-9112 or 208-947-1738.


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Current Version: KPINet

Frequently Asked Questions

KPINet runs its reports off of the live Summit server data using the date ranges you select in the application for closed RO's. With open ROs it will select the data based on all current open ROs. Once you click the load data button you are running the report from the live data of that moment. If you made changes to data in Summit and want it to update to the report simply press the load data button to refresh the report data.
KPINet uses the order in the column, row & data fields to determine the order in which the data is displayed in the report. Drag and drop the field box to the order you desire in the report and the report will update the order as you change the position.
If there is a column, row or data field that you do not want to include in your report, locate the field box, right-click and select hide to remove it from the report. If you are editing a template and do not want the included field to show up again, simply hide the field.
In KPINet sorts can only be applied at the column and row data fields, simply click the column you wish to sort by to apply an A-Z 1-9 or Z-A 9-1 sort. Parent/child sorts can also be used in KPINet. Set your parent sort by clicking the header you wish to sort by, then SHIFT-click each additional sort column you want to add.
KPINet allows you to set filters at any field box in the column or row fields. Simply click the gray box with the down arrow in the field to reveal the filter options. Simply select the items you want to view in the filter drop-down to apply. If you want to save these filters for future reports, simply hit the save button from step five
KPINet comes standard with SummitCRS v8 and can be accessed by clicking on the reports tab and then selecting the KPINet link. KPINet will connect to the current Summit database by default.

SummitCRS version 7 users can access KPINet by right-clicking any RO in the RO list, selecting analysis then KPINet. If you are running SummitCRS version 7.5 and do not have this application, contact SummitCRS support to get KPINet installed to your client

KPINet must be opened from within Summit to receive the server information, if you are opening KPINet from the executable, it will not receive the server data to connect. If you are opening KPINet properly, contact SummitCRS support for additional assistance.

If you do not have the templates preloaded in KPINet please contact SummitCRS support to get the template files installed in your KPINet client.