F5 is an enterprise workload dashboard that allows you to maximize RO's produced across your entire enterprise. Easily view each shops workload by job class, see what is Scheduled In, Work In Progress, and non WIP on any given day.

F5 is designed for single server MSO's. If you are utilizing individual servers at each shop location then F5 would not be optimal for your configuration. If you require additional assistance please contact SummitCRS support at 1-800-789-9112 or 208-947-1738.


Current Version: F5

Frequently Asked Questions

F5 is designed for a single server MSO set up, meaning you have one server that hosts all of your SummitCRS data. F5 does not support connecting to multiple servers and would be an ineffective tool for such a setup.
Hovering over the column headers should reveal the hint which is more explanation as to what the column represents. In this instance, I is for vehicles that are scheduled in for the selected day, W represents the number of RO's in WIP (Work In Process) departments, and N represents the number of RO's in Non-WIP departments for example delivered/ready.
F5 will display the job classes of each database, if the job class is the exact same name as one from another database it will combine the job class into one across the multiple locations. If you are seeing more than the ten job classes, this is because you have job classes that are not consistent across all locations on the server. Contact SummitCRS support to assist with getting your job classes standardized across all locations.
By double clicking at any value in F5 a window will open containing information about the RO's make up the totals.
The main screen of F5 does not offer any filters, however the RO detail of the I, W, N windows will allow for filtering at each column header. At the top right of each column header you will notice a triangle pointed down with a line coming from the tip. This is the filter icon. Simply click this icon to reveal a drop-down list of available options to filter your results by.
If you do not possess this information, it can be located by opening Summit to the login screen and clicking on the blue Location: link below the username field.
Like most of the SummitCRS product family, you can run F5 from outside your shop network. You just need to set up F5 using the external IP address for your Summit server. Apply any necessary port forwarding or firewall settings for port 3306 to the server from outside traffic.

F5 is designed for single server multi shop operators (MSO). This means you have a single server that hosts all Summit data for your locations. If you do not have this type of set up then F5 is not an optimal solution for you.

If you are seeing more than ten job classes in F5 this is because you do not have standardized job classes among all your shop locations. For example, one shop may have "Medium Hit" while the other classifies it as "Med Hit." F5 looks for identical job classes to match and adjustments may need to be made to each location’s job classes for optimal use.

F5 is by request only. Contact SummitCRS support to see if your shop is qualified to run the F5 load leveling software.

Contact SummitCRS support to see if your shop is qualified to run the F5 Load Leveling Software. If you meet the requirements our techs can set up the application within 15 minutes.