Network Central


Network Central was developed for multi-shop operators (MSO) to be able to get a dashboard view of all location’s performance and the ability to run KPINet reports against all locations in one place.

Below is all PDF documentation on Network Central for Summit 8 users. If you require additional assistance please contact SummitCRS support at 1-800-789-9112 or 208-947-1738.

Current Version: Network Central

Frequently Asked Questions

Network Central on it’s initial load will run it’s queries for all locations data today. When selecting date ranges, click the blue date in the top right the program. It will ask us to rerun the queries based on the new date ranges. By selecting yes we will recieve new data from the server. When viewing the analysis tab, data will refresh when the load data button is pressed in step four of the reporting tool process.

In the dashboard tab you can rearrange the columns in the top performers table only. All of the rest of the data is set in it’s current format for the tab.

The analysis tab lends a bit more customization as this tab mirrors the functionality of KPINet and we can easily re arrange any of or column or row information by dragging and dropping the column header in the X, Y or Z axis of the report generator.

In the dashboard tab you are unable to add or remove any of the information displayed here.

The analysis tab lends a bit more to customization. This tab mirrors the functionality of KPINet. We can simply click the header representing that value and select "Hide" to remove the data field from our report.

Simply click on a column header to apply a sort. Click the header again to reverse the sort order. Network Central does allow for multiple sorts by holding shift and clicking the column header of each following sort. When utilizing multiple sorts keep in mind the sorts will be in the order of which you implemented them on the grid.
At the top right of each data box you will notice a triangle pointed down with a line coming from the tip.This is the filter icon. Simply click this icon to reveal a drop-down list of available options to filter your results by. Filters can be applied to any column in Network Central analysis and your existing filters will appear in the filter bar at the bottom of the screen.
If you do not possess this information, it can be located by opening the Summit login screen and clicking on the blue Location: link below your username.
Much like many of the SummitCRS product family, you can run Network Central from outside your shop network. You will need to set it up using the external IP address for your Summit server as well as apply any necessary port forwarding or firewall settings for port 3306, assuming this is your port, a to the server for outside traffic.

Network Central does not auto-connect to the Summit server on launch. We need to ensure it’s connected by clicking on connected at the top left of the window. You should then see the locations update on the left with a green circle which indicates connectivity. If you do not have any locations setup then please set them up by following the instructions provided by the PDF guide and then hit the connect button to connect. Once the application is connected to the locations, you should not have to do this again unless you close the application and load it later.

Network Central utilizes the same templates used in KPINet, this means if you have a custom KPINet report we can easily use that same template with Network Central. If your templates are blank please contact SummitCRS support to get the templates updated on the workstation.

KPINet is called our million report tool for a reason. With all of the available fields in KPINet, a user can create millions of combinations of report data for their viewing. If you wish to learn more about creating reports in Network Central, please look at the KPInet Guide listed above in PDF documents for Network Central. This guide will walk you through the application and how to utilize it best.

Network Central may be already installed on your workstation depending on your SummitCRS order. If it is not and you would like a copy installed you can contact SummitCRS support for additional assistance. If you have more than one shop and you would like to setup Network Central, we ask that you have the IP, port, and DBname of each location ready as this information will be required during set up.

Network Central is versatile in that it supports a single server setup or a multi-server solution with relative ease. Once we collect some simple server information for each location, Network Central can be setup in minutes.