Designed with the idea of operating like an Airport Terminal sharing data from your open RO's throughout all Production Departments. Terminal provides real-time access to your SummitCRS data acting like an automatically updated Production Meeting on your shop floor ALL DAY LONG. Easily communicate production critical data to any workstation on your network. Terminal is only compatible with SummitCRS 8.

Below is all pdf documentation on Terminal for Summit 8 Users, if you require additional assitance please contact SummitCRS Support at 1-800-789-9112 or 208-947-1738.

Current Version: Terminal

Frequently Asked Questions

Terminal has the ability for the user to set how often the program updates from the server, these settings are found within the preferences under the Grid tab. Terminal as a default is set to auto refresh every 120 seconds or 2 minutes.
With Terminal there are two ways you can easily configure your Terimal Grid to your preference. Simply drag and drop column headers to the desired position and Terminal will save its position to its configuration file. You can also click the asterisk in the top left portion of the grid to reveal your column list and order. From this list you can drag and drop items in the list and it will reflect the changes in the grid, you may also select multiple items and reposition them from this drop-down.
Click on the "*" asterisk on the top left of the grid rows, from here simply uncheck the box of any item you do not wish to be visable.
Simply click on a column header to apply a sort, click the header again to reverse the sort order. Terminal does allow for multiple sorts by holding shift and clicking the column header of each following sort. When utilizing multple sorts keep in mind the sorts will be in the order of which you implemented them on the grid.
At the top right of each column header you will notice a triangle pointed down with a line coming from the tip , this is the filter icon. Simply click this icon to reveal a drop down list of available options to filter your results by. Filters can be applied to any column in terminal and your existing filters will apear in the filter bar at the bottom of the Terminal screen.
If you do not possess this information it can be simply located by opening Summit to the login screen and clicking on the blue location: link below your Username.
Much like many of the SummitCRS product family, you can run Terminal from outside your shop network. You would need to set up Terminal using the External IP address for your Summit Server. As well as apply any necessary port forwarding or firewall settings for port 3306, assuming this is your port,a to the server from outside traffic.

First verify you have the correct IP address for your Summit Server, then verify the port. If this information is correct is this workstaion connected to the shop network the server is on? If not you will need to add this machine to the network or utilize the external IP address for the server while making appropraite port forwarding and firewall settings.

If you are seeing 0.0 values for these fields this is because you are a SummitCRS Ascent subscriber and do not posses the nessesary components in the software to collect data for these values. You can upgrade to the full SummitCRS software suite or add Summit Mobile (SuMo) to collect this data.

This error is indicitive of a few different things. First, you will want to check your server IP and port as they are set up in the login screen. Verifiy your IP & Port by clicking on the location link on the login screen of any functioning SummitCRS client software. Should the error still persist next would be to make sure the paint scale machine is on the same network as the rest of the shop and has necessary permissions to access the server.

If you have been upgraded to SummitCRS version 8 chances are you already have Terminal as it is part of the typical upgrade process. Look in your C:/Summit/Terminal directory to locate the application. If you do not have the application contact SummitCRS Support to have one of our technicians set up the applications for you.

If you have the application but it is not configured simply open Terminal and enter the IP address and port for your Summit Server. Checking the Automatically connect box will have Terminal automatically connect to the database each time the application is started.

Terminal is typically installed in your C:/Summit directory in the Terminal Folder. This folder holds all preferences and grid settings for the application, should you want to add Terminal to another workstation simply copy the Terminal folder and its contents into the desired workstation and open the application.