A tool implemented with our SummitCRS version 8 software package. ReportPro is an advanced reporting tool developed for users wanting to manipulate their existing reports. Includes support for multi shop operators (MSO) that want to have the ability to run reports from multiple locations.

Below is all PDF documentation on ReportPro, if you require additional assistance please contact SummitCRS support at 1-800-789-9112 or 208-947-1738.

Current Version: ReportPro

Frequently Asked Questions

ReportPro will refresh information on a report when the report is initially run or re-run. When a report is generated the information on that report will not refresh unless the user requests it (I.E. Generating or re-generating reports).
Column headers vary depending on the report. However, once a report is generated in ReportPro, any column can be moved on the report. To move a column, you will use the click and drag method, simply click and hold the column header you wish to move and drag it to whichever location on the report you would like the column to appear. You may also select the column headers in the column selector drop-down and drag and drop them into the desired order.
To remove a column from a report first generate the report. Once the report is generated you will see a small button on the far left of the column headers that appears to have three dots next to four horizontal lines. Click the button and it will generate a list of all the columns available for the report you are using. Simply check the boxes next to the column name to remove or add the column from the report.
Simply click on a column header to apply a sort. Click the header again to reverse the sort order. Scoreboard does allow for multiple sorts by holding shift and clicking the column header of each following sort. When utilizing multiple sorts keep in mind the sorts will be in the order which you implemented them on the grid.
Filters can be set at any column header in the report. Simply click the box on the right side of each column header that contains the downward facing triangle. From here we can check all desired filter parameters for the data we want included in the report. As you apply filters a bar at the bottom of the report will appear showing any and all filters currently in place on the report.
ReportPro supports multiple sorts on any report. To apply a sort simply click the column header until you get the desired A-Z 1-99 or Z-A 99-1 sort order. ReportPro also allows for multiple criteria sorts where you can have a parent and child sort. To use this feature simply click the column header of the first sort to start, then shift-click each column there after to apply additional sorts. To remove a sort Ctrl-Click the column header with the sort to remove.
If you do not possess this information it can be simply located by opening Summit to the login screen and clicking on the blue location: link below your Username.
Much like many of the SummitCRS product family, you can run ReportPro from outside your shop network. You would need to set up ReportPro using the external IP address for your Summit server. As well as apply any necessary port forwarding or firewall settings for port 3306, assuming this is your port, to the server from outside traffic.

Since ReportPro is a separate application from SummitCRS we will need to connect to the database server before running any reports. The top left of ReportPro has our locations as they are currently setup, if there are no locations on this list please follow the setup & installation instructions to point ReportPro to your server. Once we have locations properly set up in ReportPro we can simply press the C button to Connect to all locations. Once the green check mark appears next to the location, we know ReportPro is ready.

If you are unable to add or edit locations this is indicative of a corrupted .cfg file. In the C:/Summit directory there will be a file RPTLocations.cfg, this is the location config file for ReportPro, delete this file and open ReportPro. Add your location information into ReportPro and close the application once completed. This ensures ReportPro saves the data to the new .cfg file. Reopen ReportPro and you should be able to connect and run reports.

This error is indicative of a few different things. First, you will want to check your server IP and port as they are in the login screen. Verify your IP & port by clicking on the Location: link on the login screen of any functioning SummitCRS client software.

If you have upgraded to SummitCRS version 8 chances are you already have ReportPro because it is included as part of the upgrade process. ReportPro can be launched from the reports tab by clicking ReportPro. You can also look in your C:/Summit directory to locate the application and run it from there as a stand alone application. If you do not have the application contact SummitCRS support to have one of our technicians set up the application for you.

If you have the application but it is not configured, follow the setup & installation steps outlined in the PDF guide.

Open ReportPro. Is there a location listed in the top left window? Click this location and then click the "E" button to edit the location. The window that pops up will show the name of the location, IP, port & Dbname. Verify this information against the Location: information from the Summit login screen and update any non-matching information. Should your problems persist contact SummitCRS support for additional assistance.