SummitCRS v8.1.5.6

We have released a new client version of SummitCRS v, This release will be hitting SummitLiveUpdate 02/15/17, You will be prompted by SummitCRS to download the latest version on that day. A list of New Features, Enhancements, and Resolutions follows.

Release Notes

  • Feature: Added Optional "DaysLeft" field - show days count from TODAY to SCHEDULED OUT.
  • Feature: Added Optional "SITT" field - show Static Touch Time from Scheduled In to Scheduled Out.
  • Enhancement: Photo Manager - no longer zooms on click. + and - signs added for zooming purposes.
  • Enhancement: Added Email address to Phonebook: Insurance Company Edit.
  • Resolved: Credit Memos not updating credit received mark properly for Closed ROs.
  • Resolved: PhoneBook Insurance Code is no longer editable

    SummitCRS v8.1.6.0 is available via Summit Live Update