SummitCRS v8.1.6.0

We have released a new client version of SummitCRS v, This release will be hitting SummitLiveUpdate 07/12/17, You will be prompted by SummitCRS to download the latest version on that day. A list of New Features, Enhancements, and Resolutions follows.

Release Notes

  • Feature: BATCH AR Payment posting is enabled.
  • Feature: Warranty and Duplicate Jobs creation will now prompt for JOB NOTES and will appear in the Job Header for the new job.
  • Feature: Quick Parts Add in Line Items now shows Parts Code which is searchable.
  • Feature: Line Items, if ADJ LIST is less than EST LIST then the ADJ List will turn Orange in the Supplement tab and in the Line Items.
  • Enhancement: RO Creation users can again select which production dept. to start the RO in.
  • Enhancement: Modified shortcut Ctrl-I to launch MediaPoint.
  • Enhancement: MTD Sales/Goals in production view now reflects estimator, CSR, etc. sales when filtered
  • Enhancement: Changed Next Purchase Order logic in Parts Tab, Summit will now look for the lowest possible PO number to avoid duplicates.
  • Enhancement: Saskatchewan PST changed to 6.0%
  • Enhancement: Shop Pay Items will now validate flag labor hours on close.
  • Resolved: Batch Payments payment not matching check amount.
  • Resolved: Parts Header overlap corrected
  • Resolved: ICBC Mitchell Estimate naming convention.

    SummitCRS v8.1.6.0 is available via Summit Live Update

    Release Video