SummitCRS v8.1.7.1

We have released a new client version of SummitCRS v, This release will be hitting SummitLiveUpdate 03/27/18, You will be prompted by Summit Live Update to download the latest version on that day. A list of New Features, Enhancements, and Resolutions follows.

Release Notes

  • Feature: Go List added to RO List Print Reports Shows all ROs with scheduled out today.
  • Feature: A/R History now has undeposited funds report in the deposit tab.
  • Feature: Added Optional RO LIst fields for Satelite and Notes.
  • Feature: Added Satelite to RO Header bar.
  • Feature: Added Supress option for invoice $ printing.
  • Feature: Added Export to Excel to Closed RO tab.
  • Enhancement: Contacts can now be edited in Vendor List Phonebook.
  • Enhancement: Added secondary RO sort to Technician Bank Report
  • Enhancement: Modified "Open Ro List" to include the Estimator field.
  • Enhancement: Technician Filter was given Print button for RO List reports
  • Resolved: Calculate button not calculating when in read only mode
  • Resolved: Sync exception that disabled RO List and Cursor movement.
  • Resolved: Quickbooks Multi Cost Center Invoice export.

    SummitCRS v8.1.7.1 is available via Summit Live Update