ReportPro v8.1.6.1

Available NOW! SummitCRS has released an update to Report Pro! We’ve added a brand new report called the 0395 – Production Analysis (in 0300 – Production). This report provides a summary of your location’s vehicle count, total sales, total hours, and cycle times. Cycle times are then broken down into Lead Days, Production Days, and Lag Days. Using the averages from these measurements, the report is able to identify areas of opportunity within your shop.

  • Lead Time: Measured as time between Vehicle Arrived and Repair Started date.
  • Production Time: Measured as time between Repair Started and Vehicle Ready date.
  • Lag Time: Measured as time between Vehicle Ready and Actual Pickup date.

To effectively utilize the Production Analysis Report, your repair orders must have the Arrival Date, Repair Start, Vehicle Ready, and Actual Pickup data captured. This can be set to automatically populate when the repair order is moved into production. If you are unfamiliar with how to set this up, please seek assistance from SummitCRS Support (208-947-1738).